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Suggested donation of $10.00 can be left at any of the stops on the tour and there will also be brochures of the listed name and address and description of the gardens at the resident gardens. All proceeds are going to the new Enhance Alma pots that have been bought that you will see in center of town with beautiful colors of yellow, reds and purples! Take a walk-through town, stop, and shop, eat at our local eateries, and take in our gardens and drive on out to the country to see more inspiring work! Gardens do not have to be viewed in any order, here is a list of the gardens and addresses below. Most of all, enjoy!
  • 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Suggested Donation: $10.00
  • Several Locations
We hope you enjoyed the Garden Tour if you couldn’t make the tour and you still want to donate, please feel free to send your donation to: Enhance Alma – Attn: Christine Alvord S1380 State Road 35S Nelson, WI 54756
Enhance Alma
Alma Garden Tour

4:00pm - 7:00pm
Alma Garden Tour
9 Individual Locations
Alma, WI
South Garden (Alma)
South Garden is coming from the South on Scenic Highway 35 into Alma on your left before center of town with perennials, grass, petunias, full of color abundance.
Pine Street Garden (Alma)
Also, next on Scenic Highway 35 on right coming from South on right, you can find Pine Street Garden next to the post office with stairs leading to 2nd street, also has perennials, grass, petunias, with color to last all through summer!
Orange Street (Alma)
In Center of town is Orange Street, on right coming from south on Scenic Highway 35 on right with stairs leading to 2nd street. This garden is a great place to stop take a rest listen to the eagle water fountain and take in a barge passing by or people watch! The garden is filled with many perennials, grass, petunias, and full of color, take a walk up the stairs and take in the view from the top and sit at the bench!
Mary Beth & Bob - 701 South Main St, Alma, WI
This garden is designed to feed body and soul, with organic vegetable and flower inter plantings. The raised beds and mulching keep maintenance to a minimum and the (whole bunch of) buried fish guts create great soil! C’mon in and enjoy the pathways!
Tracy & Perry - 308 South 2nd St, Alma, WI
This is a natural beautiful shaded front porch setting with gorgeous pots, take a PEEK!
Sherri & Lee - 200 South 2nd St, Alma, WI
Put on your wings and explore the small wonders of Pine Street Fairy Garden. This magical and whimsical garden combines art and nature. You will find miniature cottages nestled among live succulents and plants. Follow the paths to explore the many hidden details. Can you find the hedgehogs, teeny tiny lady bugs or the fairy-boy fishing in the creek? This year’s garden features a fairy village and mini zoo. A garden of imagination and fun, for kids of all ages.
Dan Kordiak, Fire & Ice & Hotel de Ville – 305 North Main St, Alma, WI
The Secret Garden became more “Secret” with the addition of the Castle wall and Hobbit Hole to fully enclose a truly world class space that has been on TV and in magazines. The Grand Hotel rooms are in the newly renovated 1861 building which completed the hotel and offer a full range of guest options. The Grand, as we call it, is on the National Historic Register as it was built at the destination for the paddleboats that traveled the river in those days. The Hotel de Ville gained a new garden with this addition – the new Hosta Garden with over 200 varieties of Hosta and a 30-foot-long stream. In the spring of 2019 yet another garden was installed across Main Street featuring 106 hybrid varieties of Daylily from Alma’s own Nancy Olsen, a dear friend and local grower who has hybridized many of the one-of-a-kind Daylilies in the garden!
Kay & Casey – S1480 State Road 88, Alma, WI (Praag, WI)
Come out to the rolling hills of Praag, Wisconsin and see a mix of pollinators and lots of perennial beds with lots of color! If you love color this is the garden to see! You will find columbine, coneflowers in many colors, phlox, sunflowers, and coral bells, Kay’s favorite! Kay also has an angel garden that has special meaning to Casey and herself that has a full flowering crab tree with flowering annuals in unique finds from the farm! You will find her husband playing in his wonderful produce garden or making unique swing bird feeders that he sells at his produce stand!
Deb & Bruce - S1554 State Road 88, Alma, WI (Praag,WI)
If you are looking for peace and serenity, birds, wildlife and water fountains, you have come to the peaceful garden. You will find porch pots, hanging baskets on the back porch and clematis all around the house with pathways and sitting areas with a beautiful pergola with wisteria growing all around to wrap your soul with tranquility. There are different perennials around the house with different shrubs also. You will also find two trout ponds! Come and enjoy the ride out to Praag from Alma!
The Alma Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center is located in the Wings Over Alma Building on Main Street. Let us know if you have any questions or comments. We are happy to provide more details. Please email us 24/7 or call us to learn more.

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