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Welcoming The Tennessee Stiffs to Big River Theatre Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 7:00pm!

The Stiffs—who hail not from the Volunteer State but that other roots-music Mecca, Austin, TX—dip their bucket deep into the well of American music. Warped lo-fi folk gives way to frenetic honky-tonk riff rock and gutbucket country; forlorn Americana anthems resound off Texas hillsides, and blazing Southern rock screeches like tires on the last lap of a cup-winning speedway run.

Formed in late 2011 and fueled by their eclectic musical interests, co-founders-turned-married-couple Ethan Lee and Cara B were determined to create something never heard before. Cara’s melodies range from hauntingly beautiful to wildly soulful. Blended with Lee’s foot-stomping rhythms and gravelly vocals, the two take the “Beauty and the Beast” standard to heart.

In the beginning, the duo spent their time writing tunes and performing intimate shows, often using old books and a hat containing lines of poetry as inspiration. Each song’s characters are vividly constructed and personal, allowing for the listener to relate. For many years, they performed and toured as a five piece featuring Austin musicians, meandering onto live radio shows, podcasts and were featured in several music festivals.

In 2022, the release of the highly anticipated third album, a concept collection called “Dearly Departed” goes deeper still, dredging up minor-key Southern-gothic circus waltzes, spaghetti-Western vampire shuffles, and the kind of fuzz-drenched blues you’d hear wafting from a Detroit garage. The album picked up PR with Glide Magazine, Parade Magazine, Americana UK and Ditty TV to name a few.

Fast forward to 2023, Cara and Lee sold the band van and re-located to Red Wing MN, continuing their musical endeavor as a duo/trio with local percussionist and vocalist Jake Ricks. They’ve been featured on The Current, and continue to make their way around the region with sway.
Big River Theatre
Live Music

7:00pm - 9:00pm
Tennessee Stiffs
Big River Theatre
Alma, WI
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